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About Cardiff, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. It is located 320 km / 200 miles to the west of London, near the Bristol Channel, and covers roughly 140 square kilometres. Also known as Europe's youngest capital, Cardiff has become a very busy port where exchanges of goods and coal are made. It is home to some 327,500 residents. It is an excellent place to study because it combines a wealth of recreational and cultural amenities for students to enjoy.

With the city centre as their point of orientation and Tiger Bay as their border, visitors can easily go around Cardiff and see its different sights and sounds. Depending on the season, Cardiff is host to different events such as summer festivals, Network Q Rally, and the Singer of the World competition. The city also has national institutions and historical landmarks such as the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Castle, and National Museum of Wales where visitors can tour.

What to do in Cardiff

Cardiff offers a variety of activities suited for all kinds of visitors. Visitors can shop in the city's various markets like the Splott Market, stroll around 100-acre parklands, and visit museums and art galleries. Those who want to check out the nightlife can go to the various pubs and nightclubs along St. Mary's Street and Charles Street. Visitors can also attend the city's various festivals like the International Food and Drink Festival and the Cardiff World port Festival.

Tourist Attractions

Visitors can tour Cardiff's historical structures like Llandaff Cathedral and the Victorian Cola Exchange and Customs House. The city also offers vast parklands for outdoor sports, relaxation, and leisure activities. Opera and theatre lovers can visit the Welsh National Opera and The New Theatre. The Millennium Stadium houses the Welsh rugby team, while the Sophia Gardens is home to the Glamorgan Cricket Club.

Near Cardiff University's main campus is the Cardiff city centre where stores like H&M, Marks and Spencer, Virgin Megastore, and Monsoon are located. The city has a number of bookshops, boutiques, and coffee-bars. Cardiff also has dance clubs and bars like Molokos, The Yard, and The City Social. For a cheap pint of beer, visitors can go to The Prince of Wales or Bar Cuba which are both popular with students.

Cardiff University

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